Top of the Pops Saturday (partially found CBBC music show; 2002-2006)

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Top of the Pops Saturday title card.

Status: Partially Found

Top of the Pops Saturday, also known as Top of the Pops Reloaded was a weekly children's music show that depending on the schedules broadcast on one of three channels. BBC One[1], BBC Two [2]or the CBBC Channel[3] between 2002 and 2006.

The show featured a number of live performances from acts in the UK Top 40 chart each week, along with music videos. Additionally, it also featured interviews, games, and competitions involving the musical acts and the audience on the show that week. Originally in 2002, it launched as part of a revamp of CBBC's The Saturday Show[4], as a rival to SMTV Live and CDUK on the rival network ITV. During this period it was presented by Fearne Cotton and Simon Grant. In September 2003 it was split off from The Saturday Show into it's own show due to Dick & Dom inda Bungalow taking over The Saturday Show's spot on Saturday mornings[5]. At this point, Simon left to host other CBBC shows so he did not follow Fearne into presenting the standalone show, though occasionally she was joined in hosting duties by a musical artist who would be on the show [6] . In 2005, Sam Nixon and Mark Rhodes joined Fearne in presenting duties, this led to the shows rebranding as Top of the Pops Reloaded. Later on in the series, BBC Radio 1 DJ's JK and Joel presented the show as well. The final episode of the show aired on the 11th March 2006, along with the final episode of Dick & Dom, although it is believed the show would return with whatever show replaced Dick & Dom in September 2006 (which turned out to be TMI), as the presenters made no mention of it being the last episode, unlike Dick & Dom's last episode. However, this was not meant to be as the main Top of the Pops series was cancelled in July 2006 and therefore Top of the Pops Reloaded did not return.


Unfortunately, no episodes of the show have made it online, although a number of clips of certain performances have. While all episodes of the show are known to exist in the BBC's archives, they are not able to be repeated due to music rights. In addition, a number of performance directors hold copies of certain performances they directed and have used them in showreels.[7] Also, unlike the main Top of the Pops and Top of the Pops 2 series aimed at a more adult audience, there is no official or third-party database of performances, making it difficult to research which performers were on the show.