Torpedo 1936 (partially found Spanish animated adaption of comic; 1995)

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Cover of the comic the show's based on.

Status: Partially Found

Torpedo 1936 is a cancelled 1995 animated adaption of the comic series of the same name, written by Enrique Sanchez Abuli and illustrated by Alex Toth, and later by Jordi Bernet. The original comic series is a collection of short stories centering around the ruthless hitman Luca Torelli, nicknamed Torpedo, as he survives the violent New York City during Depression Era, and the animated series was intended to be the direct adaption of the comic series.

The animated series was initially planned to last for 26 episodes, the plots of which would be taken directly from various issues of the original comic series. The adaption was later scrapped due to financial shortage and the negative reviews it took due to the violent and sexual nature of the series. The series' pilot, however, was later acquired by Spanish company Manga Films and distributed as a standalone animated film in September 1996.


In 1994, producer Juan Antonio Rojo had an idea of adapting the comic series Torpedo 1936 into an animated series. Each episode would use the plot from an issue of the original comic series for its basic plot, plus some minor addictions. The series was originally planned to last for 13 episodes, then 26 episodes, and would be broadcasted on TVE.

According to illustrator Jordi Bernet in an interview on issue 23 of the magazine U, Juan Antonio Rojo worked together with him during the production of the animated series. The pilot episode would be an adaption of the original story Tic Tac. Bernet warned Rojo about the possibility of the series being negatively received due to the disturbing subject matter, but Rojo ignored his warning. The episode was poorly produced due to a financial shortage, and it was very violent and suggestive of the standards at the time. The pilot failed to broadcast on TVE in 1995 for featuring too many violent and sexual details, and the series was then dropped altogether. Jordi Bernet reportedly found the pilot stupid and unfunny.

Manga Films Pilot

On September 1996, Spanish company Manga Films acquired the cancelled animated series' pilot and released it on VHS as a standalone animated film, plus an album produced by Glenat with the original Tic Tac story and four best first issues of the original comic Torpedo. At the moment, this VHS tape is extremely rare and no known physical copy of it has resurfaced, although the film itself could be found on YouTube time ago.


Part 1 of the episode Tic-Tac (in Spanish).

Part 2 of the episode Tic-Tac (in Spanish).

Part 3 of the episode Tic-Tac (in Spanish).

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