Turner Classic Movies (partially found interstitials from TV channel; 2002-2018)

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The channel's logo.

Status: Partially Found

Turner Classic Movies is an American premium cable channel that has been on the air continuously since 1994. They are well known for airing a wide range of movies (mainly from the 1930's to the 1950's), uncut and commercial-free, and for their many programming features such as the annual "31 Days of Oscar". They are also known by fans for their interstitial promos, many of which are created by the Sabotage Film Group. Perhaps most notable of these are the "This Month" promos and some of the pre-2015 "Star of the Month" promos, which since around 2002 have been mainly scored by music from contemporary alternative musicians such as Elle King, Courtney Barnett, and Cloud Cult. Despite being fan favorites, few of them can be found on YouTube and other video-sharing sites.

This Month

Since September 2017, TCM has been saving their monthly promos on their Facebook page[1][2][3][4], and since March 2018 on their YouTube channel[5][6][7]. The September 2017 promo can also be found on Vimeo.[8] Outside that, only a handful of "This Month on TCM" promos can be found on the Internet as of June 2018. Sabotage Film Group has uploaded several promos to their Vimeo page[9] and a few scattered others can be found elsewhere.[10][11][12]

(Note: Some months, such as May 2018, TCM did not put together a monthly promo, making the ones that were made even harder to find.)

TCM Remembers

Every TCM Remembers reel since 1998 can be found easily online, but the ones from 2001 and 2002 are surprisingly not. The song that scored the 2001 video is unknown (it was likely an original composition) but the 2002 theme has been said to be Rickie Lee Jones' cover of "Cycles". The 2002 version appears to be available to members of the TCM Backlot but has not been made available publicly.

The 2001 reel honored Anthony Quinn, Jack Lemmon, George Harrison, Jacques Marin, Charlotte Coleman, Kathleen Freeman, Corinne Calvet, Ray Walston, Eleanor Summerfield, Jane Greer, David Graf, Ken Hughes, Larry Tucker, Henri Alekan, Budd Boetticher, Herbert Ross, Stanley Kramer, Wilkie Cooper, William Hanna, Paul Berry, Nancy Parsons, Tommy Hollis, Aaliyah, Eileen Heckart, Dale Earnhardt, and Rosemary DeCamp.

The 2002 reel honored William Warfield, George Sidney, Signe Hasso, Brad Dexter, Lew Wasserman, Ted Ashley, Lawrence Tierney, Leo McKern, Kim Hunter, John Agar, Jeff Corey, Dolores Gray, J. Lee Thompson, Eddie Bracken, Katy Jurado, Chuck Jones, Harold Russell, Eileen Heckart, Jack Kruschen, Buddy Lester, Adolph Green, André de Toth, Richard Sylbert, Milton Berle, Billy Wilder, John Frankenheimer, Dudley Moore, Richard Harris, Rod Steiger, and James Coburn.

Patricia Neal

After actress Patricia Neal died in 2010 an interstitial remembering her life and work was produced. While its score has been said to be especially memorable,[13] the music was the same as their other videos remembering a recently deceased actor or film-related person. However, only the last 25 or so seconds are on YouTube.[14]


Many other TCM promos can be scattered around video-sharing sites as well as on the TCM Backlot, a subscription service that also provides intros to films shown on TCM.

In addition, in 2002 a unique cross-promotion between the channel and Turner-owned Cartoon Network was initiated. To promote The Powerpuff Girls Movie, the girls themselves teamed up with the late Robert Osborne to bookend a special sing-along showing of the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz. For more information on this promotion, see this page on The Wizard of Oz Sing-a-Long.

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