Wassabi Productions Lip-Sync (partially found removed content from YouTube channel; 2006-2011)

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Status: Partially Found

Wassabi (formally Wassabi Productions) is a YouTube channel run by Roi and Alex Wassabi that was made in 2006 and continues to be updated. Like many early YouTube channels, many of their early videos predominantly featured the use of copyrighted music without permission from the copyright holders (notably their lip-sync videos).

Video Removal

On January 17th, 2011, they announced they deleted "95% of their videos." This was done to get into the YouTube Partner Program since partners were not allowed to infringe on copyright. While all videos were reuploaded to "youtube.com/wassabiproductions" it now redirects to the main "hoiitsroi" channel which originally hosted the videos.

Fan Reuploads

Due to their popularity, fans have found and reuploaded some videos. The 2 that have been found are of the toybox songs Bestfriend and Tarzan and Jane. The description for Bestfriend says it was found on Archive.org, but captures of the channel don't seem to have the deleted videos.[1]


"We deleted 95%" update video.
Tarzan and Jane lip-sync reupload.
Bestfriend lip-sync reupload.