Wawataytv kids (lost Canadian puppet educational show; 2002-2006?)

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Status: Lost

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Wawataytv Kids

Wawataytv Kids was an educational show from the early 2000s, around 2002-2006, that aired in Canada for the Oji-Cree communities. It had both live segments and puppets and had teaching normal life lessons you'd see in a kid's show as well as cultural, indigenous storytelling, and Ojibwe language learning segments. There's a Wiki and IMDb page about it but not much info on how many episodes there are. As of right now, only 3 episodes are available via reuploads on YouTube on the official Wawataytv channel. Episodes 1-3 of Season 2.



  • Billy Tentoes (Mark Kakagumick)
  • Bonnie Bearpaw (Rachel Fox)
  • Jacob Banks (Grant Keesic)
  • Megesi (Michael Dudé)
  • Furry Fred/Furry Freddy

Live Actors

  • Sampson Sasquatch (Victor Lyon)
  • Old Samuel (Michael Dudé)
  • Christina (Christina Keesic)
  • The-great the-funny the-amazing Julian (Julian Kakagumic)
  • The Storyteller (Ralph Johnson)
  • The Safety Tip Kids (Kerry Pancheese, Krisity Panacheese, Seaquin Panacheese-chisel)


  • The Opener:

After the opening theme, Sampson greets the audience, goes to the blackboard where the episode topic is written, and talks to the 3 kid puppets: Billy, Bonnie, and Jacob, about that topic.

  • Julian's Jokes:

The great, the funny, the amazing Julian segment is a 30-second break where this little kid in a cool shirt tells a joke in a comedy club-esque setting, I believe they played this before commercial breaks.

  • Old Samuel and the Adventures of Folklorama:

These segments consist of old Samuel interviewing people at Folklorama. Folklorama is an event that runs for two weeks each August in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Visitors to the festival are invited to sample cuisine and celebrate the cultural and ethnic heritage of people from dozens of cultures who have made Winnipeg their home.

  • Native Legends

A man tells stories he has heard from his grandmother and other native legends. clips switch between footage of him speaking and eagles flying in the sky, accompanied by flute music playing in the background.

  • Kids Safety Tips

Quick live-action segments about safety such as the importance of seatbelts or proper precautions when walking down the street.

  • Language Lessons

Language Lessons with Christina and Furry Freddy, in this segment Christina teaches Furry Fred and the audience words in the Ojibwe language.

  • Megesi

The "club leader" Megesi, to call Megesi they chant "Megesi Megesi flying so high, Megesi Megesi please come by" Megwsi is an eagle puppet, and once the kids chant, they fall out of the sky and talk to them through a window. Answering any questions, they ask.


Director: Michael Dudé
Writers: Michael Dudé
Producer: Michael Dudé
Executive Producers: Christine Chisel and Martin Tuesday
Camera 1 and lighting: Charlie Chisel
Camera 2: Victor Lyon
Set design: Charlie Chisel and Michael Dudé
Audio: Jon Baum
Costume design: Althea George
Puppets Provided by Arm's Length Productions, Inc.
Produced in participation with the Northern Native Broadcast Access Program
"Wawatay Television Production 2003"

Theme song lyrics:

  • boing sound effect* "Feeling happy! Really wacky! We're going mad today, Hip-hip-hooray!" *Funky instrumental* "Going mad today, Hip-hip-hooray" *pop*

Current Available Episode Descriptions

Season 2, Episode 1:
Diabetes. (Retrieve Feb 22, 2020)
In this episode, Jacob learns he has diabetes. After theme. Sampson tells the audience and 3 kid puppets what the episode is about.
Julian Joke #1
Old Samuel and the adventures of Folklorama, the Italy-Sicily pavilion, where he interviews a man named William and talks a little bit about Sicily.
Sampson and Jacob go to a friend of Sampson's to learn more about diabetes. The professional at the Sioux Lookout Diabetes Program, medical clinic, explains type 2 to Jacob and the changes in his life.
Native legend segment tells a long story about the great flood, a man transforming into a wolf and joining a wolf pack, jumped into a river that he wasn't supposed to cross, and left on a cliffhanger.
Kids safety tips live, two kids learn car safety, seatbelts.
Julian Joke #2
Language Lessons with Christina and Furry Freddy, learn how to say hey, how are you, etc.
Megesi chant, once called helps answer where Billy and Bonnie can learn more about diabetes and says see you later sign off.
the episode comes to a close with Julian Joke #3.
credits roll with the theme playing once again.

S2, Episode 2:
Money Management. (Retrieve Feb 22, 2020)
After the intro, Sampson greets the audience and tells them what the episode topic is. Billy spent all his lunch money on video games (priorities) but since it's his birthday he received 10 dollars via mail from his uncle. Billy and Jacob leave to buy a goldfish off-screen.
Julian Joke #1
Old Samuel and the Adventures of Folklorama, the Korean Pavilion, where he interviews the coordinator of the Korean Pavilion.
Native Legends, part two of the great flood wolf story, left on cliff hanger.
Safety Tip kids, look both ways when crossing the street.
Julian Joke #2
Language Lessons with Christina and Furry Freddy, learn some Ojibwe words. Money: Shoo-ni-yah
Cut back to the 3 puppet kids, they are looking at a goldfish in a bowl, he had 10 dollars, spent 3 on the goldfish, and decided to save his remaining 7 dollars, but decided to go buy Bonnie and Jacob ice cream instead of saving it.
No megesi segment.
credits roll with the theme playing once again.

S2, Episode 3:
Peer Pressure. (Retrieve Feb 22, 2020)
After the theme, it opens with Billy and Jacob playing with toy cars ignoring Sampson until he yells hello. bonnie isn't there because she said they smell bad, and she rather hangs out with the cool kids Chris and Paul. Sampson introduces the show's topic and explains what peer pressure is.
Julian Joke #1
Old Samuel and the Adventures of Folklorama, the Indian Pavilion, where he interviews Kyle who talks about Indian culture, and a local store based in Winnipeg. He also tries some food.
Jacob and Billy talk to Sampson a little more about Bonnie, then to the Megesi chant, Megesi gives a simple example to show why people give in to peer pressure. bonnie comes in crying and apologizes. They forgive her. it turns out she gave into more peer pressure off-screen, stealing candy from the store to impress Chris and Paul.
Native legends, the story continues and completes.
Language Lesson, they learn some animal words in Ojibwe.
Cut back to Sampson, the 3 kid puppets, and Megesi, who says to listen to your conscience, when you know something is wrong say no instead of giving in to peer pressure.
They all part ways and the show comes to a close.
credits roll with the theme playing for the last time.

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