Working with Lemons (partially found unreleased videos from YouTube channel; 2015)

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Status: Partially Found

Working with Lemons is a YouTube channel most notable for their Disney/Broadway music video covers in real life. They have over 4 million subscribers as of 2023. Besides their main music videos, the channel also uploads behind the scenes videos, vlogs, and their talk show Lemonreds.

Since the channel started in 2014, there have been at least 3 unreleased videos that have been announced, filmed and teased but have not been released. These videos appear in the ending cards of other videos on their channel which proves they have been fully filmed but have not been posted on the channel for unknown reasons.

Find a Way Commentary

On August 20th, 2015, the channel uploaded their music video for their original song "Find a Way". The music video is about Elsa (from Disney's Frozen) and Jack Frost (from Rise of the Guardians) meeting each other and falling in love. A video of the live recording of the song was posted shortly after, with a commentary video being teased in the end card. The commentary video featured Robbie Bagley (director), Camrey Fox (Elsa), and Karson Woodmansee (Jack Frost) supposedly giving commentary on the making of the video. Working with Lemons also posted a behind the scenes photo of the commentary video on their Instagram account on October 4th, 2015 saying it was "coming soon".[1] As of 2019, no such video has been released on their channel.

Anna and Kristoff Interview

Working with Lemons had filmed a video in 2015 containing interviews with Disney's Frozen characters Anna and Kristoff (played by Ari Bagley and Austin Berenyi respectively). Earlier, they had uploaded a video of interviews with Frozen characters Elsa and Olaf (again played by Camrey Fox, and director Robbie Bagley). Footage of the Anna/Kristoff Interview can be seen at the end of the Elsa/Olaf interview.

Frozen: Spot it!

At the end of the Elsa/Olaf interview, another unreleased video featuring the characters of Frozen is seen in the end cards. It features Elsa, Olaf, Anna and Kristoff and the two anchors Anson and Mia Bagley playing a game called Spot It, filmed around the same time as the other two Frozen interview videos.


Footage from the unreleased Anna/Kristoff interview and the Frozen Spot It! videos can be seen from 3:21 onward.

Footage from the unreleased Find a Way commentary video can be seen from 3:45 onward.