ZTA (lost build of cancelled PlayStation Portable zombie action-adventure open world game; mid-2000s)

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Screenshot showing the player shooting at zombies.

Status: Lost

ZTA is a zombie action-adventure open world game developed by SDP Games sometime in the mid-2000s. It was planned to be a release for the PlayStation Portable (PSP) as part of a collaboration with Rockstar Games.


SDP Games, a French games studio, was founded as Smack Down Productions in 2005 by Laurent Benadiba, who is most known for co-founding Team Bondi and being the technical director for L.A. Noire.[1][2] During an interview with Pockett Games on 18th August 2014, Benadiba discussed a game the company had been developing for the PSP. Called ZTA, Benadiba stated that it was their company's first prototype game. They defined it as "GTA with Zombies on PSP", while also containing music from Weird Al.[2][3]

According to Bendiba, SDP Games had been in contact with Rockstar Games, who in the mid-to-late-2000s had released a few games from the Grand Theft Auto series on the PSP, including Liberty City Stories, Vice City Stories, and Chinatown Wars.[4][2] Ultimately, negotiations broke down because SDP and Rockstar were unable to agree on a suitable budget.[5] This forced SDP Games to cancel development of ZTA, focusing instead on releasing games for the Nintendo DS.[2]


Seven screenshots of ZTA were published onto the Pockett Games story.[2][5] This therefore indicates that a PSP prototype had been in development, containing typical elements from Grand Theft Auto titles like driving, being chased by the police, and incorporating third-person shooter mechanics. One screenshot also details the player attacking zombies with a flame thrower. Alas, the unsuccessful pitch to Rockstar Games makes any possible release of ZTA unlikely.


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