1982 Twin 125s race 1 (lost footage of NASCAR Daytona 500 qualifying race; existence unconfirmed; 1982)

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The USA Network broadcasting the second race.

Status: Existence Unconfirmed

The 1982 Twin 125s are two races at the Daytona National Speedway that served as qualifying events for the 1982 Daytona 500. Both occurred on 11th February, where the first race was won by Cale Yarborough in a Buick, while Buddy Baker also driving a Buick was victorious in the second. Whereas television coverage of the second race is widely accessible, footage of race 1 remains inaccessible.


The Twin 125s are unique races on the NASCAR Cup Series schedule. They consist of two qualifying heats that determine the majority of the 40 competitors for the Daytona 500.[1] It would also allow for the racers to analyze how their vehicles performed during the heats and modify them accordingly for the main event.[2] Since the 1982 Daytona 500 was the first of its kind to start a NASCAR Cup Series,[3] the Twin 125s would actually kickstart the 1982 NASCAR Winston Cup Series.

Prior to the races, two drivers had already qualified. Benny Parsons in a Pontiac had won the pole position, while Harry Grant in a Buick qualified second, as both had set the fastest times in the time trial event.[4] In the first Twin 125s race, Yarborough was victorious, earning $18,000 in prize money after having led three of the 50 laps. Terry Labonte, also in a Buick, finished second, outpacing fellow Buick driver Bobby Allison, who had slipped to third after being in first for 32 laps.[5]

In race 2, Baker claimed the victory and the $18,000 after having led precisely half of the race. Waltrip and Ruttman finished second and third respectively, and because all three were also driving Buicks, it meant that both races had Buick drivers claim all steps of the podium.[6] With the starters and race order decided, the 1982 Daytona 500 commenced on February 14th. Allison ultimately redeemed himself by claiming victory in the race, ahead of Yarborough and Ruttman. Pole sitter Parsons crashed out on lap 103, while Baker finished eighth, two laps down from the leader.[4]


According to NASCAR on TV, the 1982 Twin 125s were televised on 13th February. However, they aired on USA Network rather than on CBS, because CBS had scheduling conflicts regarding other sports.[7] Race 2 has since publicly resurfaced and can be accessed widely on YouTube. However, no footage of race 1 has ever emerged since. nascarman, a historian on NASCAR and its lost broadcasts,[8] conducted research on whether race 1 was indeed televised, and found no supporting evidence.[9] This thus contradicts NASCAR on TV's claim, although he does, however, speculate that the race might have been shown, and therefore could have been recorded by a fan.[9] As of the present day, footage of race 1 remains unconfirmed.



Second race of 1982 Twin 125s.

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