Left Eye 'N.I.N.A.' (lost tracks from unfinished album; 2002)

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The late Lisa Lopes (Left Eye).

Status: Lost

R&B/rap singer Lisa Lopes, (more commonly known as Left Eye, her stage name), from popular girl band TLC had planned on going solo, following TLC's increasing popularity throughout the 90s. In 2001 she released her first and only solo album, Supernova, which received mixed reception. She had planned on releasing a second album titled N.I.N.A., which had her working with glam rock legend David Bowie, whom she was also trying to get involved with the fourth TLC album, 3D. The album was in production until she was unfortunately killed in a car crash on April 25th, 2002 in Honduras, leading to the album being scrapped.

N.I.N.A. was slated for a posthumous release by Suge Knight (head of Death Row Records, the label to which Left Eye was previously signed), who stated that he had intentions to release the album in October 2002,[1] but this never happened for unknown reasons. The only official release during this time period is the track “Too Street 4 T.V.” which appeared on the soundtrack to the film "Dysfunktional Family".

In 2011, a promo CD called N.I.N.A. surfaced online.[2] however, it simply contained remixes of songs from her previous album. Aside from "Too Street 4 T.V.", the only track from N.I.N.A.'s original recordings is a newly recorded version of the song "Untouchable"[3], which features new vocals from Lopes and the late rapper Tupac Shakur.

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