Custom information
Custom 1Personal lost media passion: Lost music videos/Thomas the tank engine media.
Custom 2Strange belief: Believes the first half of the 21st century will be an near perfect opposite of the last half of the 20th century as far as human rights are concerned.
Custom 3Most hated countries (not a racist): China and North Korea (if that counts as a country).
Other information
MoviesBasically any kind of comedy.
TVThomas the tank engine.
MusicThe honeyrods.
BooksAnything horror related.
Video gamesSonic the hedgehog.
MagazinesAsterix (if that counts).
DrinksOrange juice.
Personal information
LocationUnited Kingdom
HometownUnited Kingdom
BirthdaySeptember 27th
About meFormerly anonymous user who's only major accomplishment was finding the honeyrods love bee video
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posted 63 days ago

I got my gmail account when I was 9

posted 126 days ago

You know the pics u just uploaded were fake right?

posted 135 days ago

Hey, Can you stop saying "and nothing f value was lost"

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