Pokémon Pink Version (lost build of cancelled Game Boy role-playing game; existence unconfirmed; late 1990s)

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Clefairy, one of several Pokémon hypothesized to be the mascot Pokémon of this unreleased title.

Status: Existence Unconfirmed

Pokémon Pink Version was a planned entry in the Pokémon role-playing video game franchise that was conceptualized at some point in the late 1990s. The game would have served as a companion title to the released Pokémon Yellow Version, in much a similar fashion to how Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue had served as companion titles to each other several years earlier.

It is currently unknown if the game actually began development, with the only evidence of its existence being several brief references to it in Pokémon Yellow Version's source code, including the phrase “Pocket Monsters Pink and Yellow” being used as a header, several other files having the word "pink" in their names, and pokemon_type in PM_DEBUG.DEF having the options "yellow package" and "pink package" (though choosing the "pink package" option within Pokémon Yellow Version has no effect on the game).[1]

The existence of Pokémon Pink Version wouldn't be revealed to the public until April 11th, 2020, when Pokémon Yellow Version's source code was leaked onto the online image board 4chan as part of a larger "gigaleak" of Nintendo data taking place at that same time.[2] Upon its discovery, the game's contents would be the subject of rampant speculation, with many believing that the game would have been targeted toward young girls, and would have featured a female protagonist (the first Pokémon game to do so, if true). It is also theorized that the game would have featured only one starter Pokémon, serving the same role that Pikachu did in Pokémon Yellow Version. Which Pokémon this would have been is unclear, with the two most widely accepted candidates being Jigglypuff (based on its prominence in the Pokémon anime on which the game presumably would have been based) and Clefairy (based on a frame found in the Japanese release of the Game Boy Camera that features Pikachu and Clefairy stood next to each other).[3]

However, much of this detail remains purely speculative, as Nintendo have yet to acknowledge the game in any official capacity, and no evidence of its existence beyond Pokémon Yellow Version's source code has currently been discovered, with its development status remaining unknown as a result.


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