Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team (partially found official website content of Nintendo DS/Game Boy Advance games; 2006)

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A screenshot of the Australian website inside of the Wayback Machine.

Status: Partially Found

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red and Blue Rescue Team are a set of games that were released back on November 17th, 2005, in Japan and September 18th, 2006, in the US. During the game's early release, an official website for the games went online which operated in Adobe Flash. It contains 6 sections "Rescue Team 101," "Rescue Heroes," "Rescue Missions," "The Story," "Pokemon Square" and "Fun Stuff."

Ever since the release of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers Of Time And Darkness the website was overhauled and transformed to become a website for that game, meaning much of the content from the Rescue Team site is lost.


The only version of the website that works inside of the Wayback Machine, is the Australian version of the site.[1] As the United States and Japanese sites, do not load as the SWF files for them are not archived.

According to the site's history of being saved on the site, the Australian site was kept online until 2016 and has never changed since then.

Only 1 of the tabs on the website currently work now, which is the "Rescue Team 101" tab and the rest will not load at all. However most of the content inside the "Rescue Team 101" tab, except for "A Fresh Start" has not been archived, and it will result in infinite loading.

Only one image that showcases one of the functions of the "Fun Stuff" tab, which is the comic creator survived online that is posted on DeviantArt by user "kirbyphelpspk."[2] While the comic creator itself is lost and cannot currently be found.

The English personality quiz for the site has been uploaded to FlashPoint on June 8th, 2020.




Footage of the Australian site in action.

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