Pikachu: DS Tech Demo (lost "Pokémon" Nintendo DS tech demo; 2004)

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Pikachu DS Tech Demo.png

Demonstration of the "Pull" function.

Status: Lost

At E3 2004, wanting to show off their new handheld game console's features, Nintendo showcased a Nintendo DS tech demo starring Pokémon's Pikachu. Showing off the console's 3D capabilities, microphone, and touch screen, the player could engage in various activities with a 3D model of Pikachu, including grabbing and stretching its body parts with the stylus, tracing a picture of Pikachu with the stylus, using the stylus to scratch off scratch cards, playing a guitar and xylophone with the stylus, and measuring Magikarp that Pikachu caught.

The demo has never surfaced outside of demonstrations, and no ROM is known to exist. However, the 3D model of Pikachu as well as the pulling functions were reused for the game Pokémon Dash, released in Japan later that year.


Footage of the demo.

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