Pokémon PC Master (partially found Japanese educational PC game; 2006)

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Pokepcmaster logo.png

The game's logo.

Status: Partially Found

Pokémon PC Master (ポケモンPCマスタ) was a Japan-exclusive educational PC game developed by Ambrella and published by The Pokémon Company and released in 2006. It taught skills such as typing, drawing, internet browsing, and using a mouse. Its website, www.pokemon-pcmaster.com,[1] went down around 2007 and has since been used by someone else. A trial for it was available at one time, but have since been lost as well. Little else is known about this game.

Trial Version

A CD-ROM disc for a trial version was found by TeridaxXD001 in January 2018. An ISO of this disc can be found in a Mediafire link posted below. It appears that the full game was only available via a paid subscription or educational program.



The game's trailer.


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