I Heart Tuesdays (lost production material of cancelled Cartoon Network animated series; 2011-2012)

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Ne-Yo, the producer of the series.

Status: Lost

I Heart Tuesdays was a planned animated series created for Cartoon Network that was notable for being produced by popular R&B singer Shaffer Chimere Smith (aka Ne-Yo). News of the series first broke out on March 3, 2011, when multiple news outlets reported that Ne-Yo had signed a deal with Cartoon Network to produce his own series made for his sister. In interviews, Ne-Yo claimed the show was about "a 16-year-old girl that inherits the curse of her bloodline and she's forced to save the world from the unknown evil every Tuesday for the rest of her life."[1]

After this, word remained quiet on the series for more than a year until November 6, 2012 when Ne-Yo talked about the series in an interview with JetMag. It was clear that the show's concept had evolved by this point, with the series now being "a story about twins who are direct descendants of two Greek gods that were cursed by Zeus for being really childish and irresponsible. They have to save the world from some unspoken evil every Tuesday for pretty much the rest of their lives. So, it’s dealing with that on top of dealing with being high school students. The intercom comes on and the dean says, “Hey guys. Due to weather, prom’s going to fall on Tuesday!”"[2]

After this, no word was given in the series, and in 2013 the show was removed from Cartoon Networks upcoming shows list, heavily implying it was cancelled. No official reason was ever given for the shows presumed cancellation, though it is very likely Ne-Yo himself was the main problem. Ne-Yo had never worked in animation before, and his blatant inexperience led to him going in way over his head, believing the entire process was far easier than it actually was. In interviews, Ne-Yo stated that he was actively trying to avoid the stylized yet expensive animation of series such as The Boondocks, claiming that "I’m like, “I’m cool. We can get stick figures.”." [3] As of 2017, nothing from the show has surfaced, leaving its contents a mystery.

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