The Amazing World of Gumball "The Rex" (partially found production material of cancelled Cartoon Network animated series episode; 2012)

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The series' logo.

Status: Partially Found

The Amazing World of Gumball is an animated series produced by Cartoon Network Development Studios Europe that ran from 2011-2019, the series revolves around a 12 year old cat named Gumball Watterson who gets himself, his friends and brother a goldfish named Darwin into many wacky situations though out the series.

The Rex

"The Rex" was an cancelled episode of the series. Its existence first came to light in 2012, when a complete list of episodes from season-two of the series was leaked online. Included in this list was "The Rex."

As of 2020, very little about this episode has been released on the Internet, with the exception of a single set of storyboards on Jean Texier's website alongside storyboards for other episodes he worked on, which shows Tina Rex and her father attacking Gumball and a shot of a ravaged Elmore.[1] While the episode was never finished, elements of the story may have been reworked into the season 4 episode "The Routine." According to series creator Ben Bocquelet via Twitter, it was "too expensive and not worth the price."[2]


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