Out of Jimmy's Head (found Cartoon Network live-action/animated teen sitcom; 2007-2008)

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Status: Found

Date found: 04 Oct 2023

Found by: Tymime and CRB

Out of Jimmy's Head was a live-action/animated show created by Tim McKeon and Adam Pava that aired on Cartoon Network from September 14th, 2007 to May 29th, 2008. It was based on a live-action/animated television film made by the same people titled Re-Animated.[1]


The film Re-Animated is about 7th grader Jimmy Roberts (played by Dominic Janes) getting the brain of famed cartoonist Milt Appleday (Fred Willard) after being hit by a train. After he receives the brain, Jimmy can see all of Milt's famous creations including Golly Gopher (Paul Reubens in the movie; Carlos Alazraqui in the show), Dolly Gopher (Ellen Greene), Tux the Penguin (Tom Kenny), Crocco the Alligator (Brian Posehn), and the two mute characters Pickles and Prickles. Meanwhile, Milt's son, Sonny Appleday (Matt Knudsen), wants to steal the brain from Jimmy so that he can become as successful as his father and take over the world.

The show itself continues the story of Re-Animated, with Jimmy still having Milt's brain, and Sonny still trying to steal it.

Reception and Production

Both the film and the show were panned by critics and viewers. Like many of their new shows at the time, many CN fans complained about a live-action show being aired on the network, which was almost exclusively known for cartoons up until then. The show's writing, in general, was also criticized. Despite all of that, however, it has won a few awards, including a Young Artist Award for "Best Ensemble Cast."

The show also experienced several problems production-wise. Out of Jimmy's Head was the only series on the network to be affected by the 2007 Writers Guild of America strike. While the show had already been completed by the time the strike occurred, it did prevent the writers from assisting with the editing and post-production process, which led to the series adding a laugh track in episode 8 onward.


Due to the show's unpopularity, few home media releases were made for it. In fact, only one known region-free DVD release was made in the UK and even then said DVD only had three of the show's 20 episodes.

The show's first 10 episodes are available for download on MEGA thanks to LMW user Tymime. Along with this, most of the second half of the series is available online in Romanian, where it was dubbed as Din Mintea Lui Jimmy (From the Mind Of Jimmy). Additionally, the series' seventeenth and eighteenth episodes are available online in Italian.

On October 4th, 2023, Lost Media Wiki user, CRB, shared the last half of the series in its original English audio in a WorkUpload link. They then stated that they had recorded the episodes when it had been re-airing in Cartoon Network Germany and had saved these episodes in their original English audio too, rendering the entire series found in its original English audio.

Episode List

# Episode Title Status
1 Talent Show Found (on DVD)
2 Friends Found (on DVD)
3 Sleepover Found (on DVD)
4 Mascot Found
5 Ghosts Found
6 Sick Day Found
7 Bully Found
8 Skate Night Found
9 Soda Found
10 Detention Found
11 Ambush Found
12 Cartoons Drive Found
13 Outdoors Found
14 Craig Steals Dad Found
15 Stunt Found
16 Princess Found
17 Movie Found
18 Bad Fad Found
19 Out of Jimmy's Body Found
20 Lunch Tables Found


MeltingMan234's video on the subject.

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