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The logo used for all editions of the show.

Status: Partially Found

From 2011 to 2014, Cartoon Network aired its first annual awards show, the Hall of Game Awards. The show honored the best athletes of the year, as voted by viewers on the channel's website. In addition, there were also skits, stunts, and musical performances in each awards show, as well as celebrity appearances. Categories included the "Best Foes Forever", the "Alti-Dude", and the "Most Viral Player".

While it is unknown why the awards show was cancelled, it can be presumed that it was due to Cartoon Network phasing out live-action programming from its schedule, such as with the 2013 cancellations of Incredible Crew and Level Up. While plenty of trailers and promos for the four awards ceremonies are available online, only one full awards show has surfaced.



The inaugural Hall of Game Awards aired on February 25th, 2011, hosted by famous skateboarder Tony Hawk. Notable celebrity presenters included Travis McCoy, Justin Bieber, Snoop Dogg, Jimmy Kimmel, and George Lopez, with musical performances by Travis McCoy and the Far East Movement. Notable awardees included Dwight Howard ("All-Pro Class Clown"), LMFAO for their song "Party Rock Anthem" ("Dance Songs"), and Lebron James ("That's How I Roll").

As of now, only promos and trailers for the 2011 show are available on YouTube.


The second annual Hall of Game Awards aired on February 20th[1], hosted by Shaquille O'Neal. Notable celebrity presenters and appearances included Nick Cannon, Nathan Kress, Jennette McCurdy, and Rico Rodriguez, with performances by Flo Rida and Hot Chelle Rae. The awardees included Steve McCann ("Alti-Dude"), Cam Newton ("Gnarliest Newb"), and David Beckham ("King of the Kick")[2].

The 2012 show is the only Hall of Game ceremony fully available online, having been found by Lost Media Wiki user Kobochat, and uploaded to the Internet Archive.


The third annual Hall of Game Awards aired on February 11th[3]. O'Neal returned to host, alongside Nick Cannon as his co-host. The musical act was The Wanted, with notable celebrity appearances by Victor Cruz, Colin Kaepernick, Jeff Probst, and Toby Turner. That year's awardees included Nyjah Huston ("Alti-Dude"), PSY for his song "Gangnam Style" ("Amped Up Anthem"), Gabby Douglas ("She's Got Game"), and the USA Women's Gymnastics Team ("We Got Game")[4].

The only footage available of the show is its lead-in and intro (after a new episode of Regular Show), as well as Toby Turner's appearance. In addition, there are also promos and pre-show "Green Carpet" celebrity interviews available on YouTube.


The final instalment of the Hall of Game Awards aired on February 17th[5]. Colin Kaepernick and Cam Newton hosted, with musical performances by Jason Derulo and Fall Out Boy. Celebrity appearances included Taylor Lautner and Terry Crews. Awardees included Nyjah Huston (winning "Alti-Dude" a second time), Miami Heat ("We Got Game!"), and John Cena ("Rumble Royalty")[6].

A twenty-minute compilation of the show, which includes host segments, Fall Out Boy's performance, and several Green Carpet interviews, is available online. The official trailer for the show, noted for featuring characters from then-current Cartoon Network shows, is also available. In July the same year, Nickelodeon would air the inaugural edition of the "Kids' Choice Sports Awards" (a spin-off of the famous Kids' Choice Awards), presumably to compete with the already-cancelled Hall of Game Awards.


Year Status Footage available
2011 Partially Found Clips used in the promo for the 2012 show
2012 Found Full show
2013 Partially Found Opening

Toby Turner's appearance

2014 Partially Found Compilation

Terry Crews' appearance



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Trailer 1.

Trailer 2.

Green Carpet interviews.



Green Carpet interviews.

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