The Powerpuff Girls (lost pitch pilot of Cartoon Network animated series reboot; early-mid 2010s)

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The reboot series logo.

Status: Lost

The Powerpuff Girls is an animated action comedy series made by Craig McCracken that ran on Cartoon Network from 1998-2005. The series about a Professor named Professor Utonium while attempting to create the perfect little girls, he accidentally breaks a jar of chemical x that spilled into the ingredients creating 3 girls all with super powers, where they fight crime in each episode in the town called Townsville.

In 2016, the Powerpuff Girls franchise was rebooted as a new animated series, 18 years after the original 1998 version. It featured a somewhat similar art style and a different voice cast for most of the show's characters.

Pitch Pilot

A pilot was made to pitch the reboot series to the network. It was first mentioned in a 2015 interview of EG Daily (the original voice of Buttercup) with Otakus and Geeks.[1] According to Daily, the original voice cast for the girls (her, Tara Strong and Cathy Cavadini) did actually record audio for the unaired pilot of the series, with different showrunners. But after Nick Jennings and Bob Boyle replaced the unknown show runner, they decided to replace them with a different voice cast.


No footage or any other material from the pitch pilot has emerged and any more information since the interview is unavailable as of 2023.

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