Heidi, Girl of the Alps (partially found Cartoon Network India English dub of anime; 2001)

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Status: Partially Found

Heidi, Girl of the Alps is a Japanese anime series. produced by Zuiyo Eizo (today called Nippon Animation), based on the 1881 novel by the Swiss writer Johanna Spyri. Originally exhibited from January 6 to December 29, 1974, it is one of the most successful and recognized anime series of history, being very famous in Spain and Latin America, to the point that it has been broadcast, at least once, in the 19 countries of Latin America, including Cuba, in addition to being a phenomenon largely from Europe (especially Germany and Italy); the Arab World; the Philippines; India; and Türkiye. The Heidi series was a great leap for the career of Isao Takahata (director), and Hayao Miyazaki, mainly because of the great success it was internationally.

Despite the success that the series had in much of Europe and Asia, there is much uncertainty regarding its dubbing into English. For a long time, the only known official version produced in the United States was an abridged version of the series, in film format, which was distributed on VHS in North America and the United Kingdom, under the title "The Story of Heidi". There are other supposed dubbings into English produced in South Africa and the Philippines, but there are too many doubts about their existence and veracity.

In 2001, Cartoon Network India premiered an English dub of the series, as part of its new programs at the time, mostly made up of various japanese anime series.[1] Said dubbing is almost completely lost today, and it has been sought for many years, since it would be the only existing English dubbing of the complete series.

Release History

In 2001, Cartoon Network India launched its well-known Toonami block, which led to a lot of Japanese animation, mainly action and shonen genre, being broadcast as well as its international counterparts. Many Indian users report that, during the same time, the Heidi anime series began to be broadcast, with English dubbing. This information at first raised doubts, mainly because a series like Heidi does not combine at all with series that would be broadcast on Toonami, although it would later be confirmed that the series aired separately, in the normal programming of Cartoon Network.

The series would have been exhibited several times, between 2001 and 2003.[1]


CN's Indian audience of the 2000s has shown to be very nostalgic for this dub, being described by them as quite good and a good alternative to watching the series in English.[2] Since then, many Indians have searched for this version, which is very rare to find, and in which all the episodes are dubbed.[3][4] The series was apparently successful enough to air more than once in its entirety on the channel, which would also explain why it is fondly remembered by so many Indian viewers.

The few images discovered in more recent years show that the entire OST, and the show's singing themes, including the opening and ending theme songs, were kept in Japanese. The footage used was the original, unlike most countries in Europe, which used or were based on the German western version, showing the translated titles, or the creditless Japanese version.



In May 2022, the Indian YouTube channel Reel Bites | #MovieTalk, uploaded to website an old home recording of an almost complete episode, and other full, to Cartoon Network's English dubbing, thus far the only proof of its existence. The finding was reported on Reddit by user Reddit-Veu, on the r/lostmedia discussion board.

Unfortunately, the recording is in a deplorable quality, due to the possible severe damage that the VHS tape on which it was recorded currently presents. Most of the recording is out of sync, and audio glitches and static are heard recurrently. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the file reveals a lot of unpublished material, such as some bumpers that the channel created exclusively for the program, and the fact that CN was broadcast the series in a loop and in chronological order.

Only episodes 25 (almost complete), and the entire 26 have been found. In April 2023, the Chilean YouTube channel Sardina, uploaded an edited version of episode 25, with some improvements to the audio, although omitting several minutes, due to the fact that, according to it, entire sections of the audio were completely damaged.


Edited version by Sardina.

Edited version by Sardina, with original OST.

Original video, uploaded by Reel Bites #MovieTalk. WARNING: DON'T LISTEN WITH HEADPHONES

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