Ice King Steals Christmas (partially found Cartoon Network UK Christmas themed bumpers starring "Adventure Time" character; 2015-2018)

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The news report in one of the bumpers.

Status: Partially Found

From December 1st until Christmas Day, Cartoon Network would air (exclusive to the United Kingdom) Christmas-themed bumpers featuring the Adventure Time character, Ice King.[1] The year the bumpers first aired is unknown, but it was most likely 2015 as that is the earliest documented year where the bumpers took place.[2] There is no evidence the bumpers aired after 2018 and the bumpers were most likely retired, most likely due to the Adventure Time series ending earlier that year.[3] Only a few bumpers have been archived with some still being lost to this day.


Starting approximately on December 1st every year, Cartoon Network would air bumpers exclusively in the United Kingdom of Adventure Time character Ice King stealing Christmas presents, disrupting a Christmas carol, and destroying a snowman among other mischievous acts in an attempt to ruin Christmas, it would also feature a news reporter who would report daily on Ice King's antics.

The Bumpers

The bumpers featured a news anchor announcing the Ice King had stolen Christmas and would show a clip of Ice King displaying one of his mischievous attempts to steal Christmas. The anchor would then announce viewers could win a reward for finding Ice King in one of the bumpers by going to the Cartoon Network UK website.


Only a few interstitials have been fully archived of the bumpers. The YouTube channel "RegularCapital" archived the December 25th bumper in which Ice King becomes "Nice King" and an additional bumper of Ice King stealing presents under a Christmas tree and putting them in a sack.[4][5] Since the bumpers allegedly last aired in 2018, they will most likely never re-air again and due to the promo's obscurity and lack of documentation some of them might be lost for the foreseeable future.

In September 2023, LMW user LethallyStupid found 3 previously lost bumpers, featuring the Ice King stealing a star from a Christmas tree, throwing snowballs at a group of carol singers and appearing behind the news anchor shaking his hands in the air.[6][7] On October 8, another bumper was found from Day 19 of Ice King tackling a snowman.[8]

In December 2023, LMW user Sponge Dan found 6 previously lost bumpers which include Ice King stealing a flute from the fireplace,[9] another bumper promoting the Christmas giveaway in a partnership with Hasbro (which evidently aired on December 25th),[10] the same bumper of Ice King stealing a flute but it is instead a news report,[11] Ice King altering a snowman's face,[12] and Ice King stealing a star off a Christmas tree.[13] In January 2024, a significantly shorter version of Ice King interrupting a Christmas carol was found.[14]

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