Ani-Yoko: My Next Door Neighbor (lost Cartoon Network Philippines English dub of anime; 2008)

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Promotional image containing the English logo.

Status: Lost

Animal Yokochō is a 2005 children’s comedy anime series based on the manga of the same name written and illustrated by Ryo Maekawa. The story centers on a little girl named Ami who is regularly visited by three animal creatures, a bunny named Iyo, a brown bear named Kenta, and a panda named Issa. The spontaneous personalities of the three animals, alongside their general ignorance of how the world works leads to humorous hijinks.

Around 2008, it is believed that an English dub of the series aired on Cartoon Network in the Philippines, under the title Ani-Yoko: My Next Door Neighbor. No footage from this dub has ever found its way online, but Anime News Network does list some of its cast members, which include Animax regulars such as Andrea Kwan, Michael Pizzuto, and Candice Moore (who is also credited as having performed the show's ending theme).[1] This suggests that this dub was likely produced by Omni Productions. Curiously enough, the page does not credit who voices Ami.

Very little information regarding this dub exists online, with the only current solid evidence of its existence being a piece of promotional art with the English logo. Curiously enough, the show's TV Tropes page contains a few bits of trivia about the dub (how Ami's name is pronounced as "Amy," and how a secondary female character is referred to as a "he").[2]

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