Jeffrey Cat: Claw and Order "All Dogs Don't Go to Heaven" (found Cartoon Network animated pilot; 2002)

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Status: Found

Date found: 15 May 2015

Found by: Ben Middleton

Jeffrey Cat: Claw and Order is an animated pilot created by Mark O'Hare (known for creating the comic strip Citizen Dog) for Cartoon Network, produced by Slappy Pictures. It was one of eight Cartoon Cartoon shorts exclusive to the Cartoon Cartoon Weekend Summerfest on August 23rd, 2002, where it lost to Lowbrow (later known as Megas XLR).


The pilot, titled "All Dogs Don't Go to Heaven," sees pet investigator Jeffrey Cat solving a case involving Mrs. Newman's innocent dog that has been accused of burying a FredEx delivery man in their front yard. When he returned to the station to investigate he notices a bite mark on the FredEx guy's leg, he then visits the guy at the hospital to question him only for him to admit he didn't see the dog bite him. Jeffrey then searched through Mrs. Newman's elderly neighbor Mr. Oldman's trash only to find his dentures in a bag that matched the bite marks and that he committed the crime just for the dog to be taken away due to its constant barking.[1]


For many years it was the only Cartoon Cartoon Weekend Summerfest pilot not to made its way online until May 15th, 2015, when Dailymotion user Ben Middleton uploaded the pilot, albeit with poor audio.


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"All Dogs Don't Go to Heaven"

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