Cartoon Network (partially found "High Noon Toons" bumpers from TV channel block; 1994-1996)

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Screenshot of Haas from High Noon Toons.

Status: Partially Found

High Noon Toons was a programming block on Cartoon Network that aired (in various forms) from 1994 to 1996. The show was made by Matt Thompson and Adam Reed (who would both later go on to create/produce FX's Archer series) who would host the show using cowboy hand puppets named Haas and Lil' Jo (a pun on names of characters from Bonanza). There were often special themes to the programming block like Quick Draw McGraw - Pure Mustang" and Haas and Lil' Jo also hosted Cartoon Network's "Spring Break '95" and the "Haas Haunted House Party" from October 1995.


All that exists of High Noon Toons online is a few videos on YouTube (mostly being essentially the same promo for the Quick Draw McGraw episode). There are also some promos buried in compilations of Cartoon Network bumpers from 1995.

In 2019, a substantial number of interstitials and bumpers for the High Noon Toons block itself was found by YouTube user bdalbor's Archive. All of the interstitials from this tape have been archived and is available on YouTube.


According to an article in Atlanta magazine (dated October 2005), Matt and Adam were usually drunk while working on the show and even got reprimanded for setting a prop space ship on fire, while under the influence.[1]


Haas Haunted House Party promo (skip to about 2:32).

Spring Break '95 promo (skip to 10:20).

High Noon Toons Christmas promos.

Interstitials and bumpers from the block itself (Early 1996).

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