The Amazing World of Gumball (partially lost deleted scenes of Cartoon Network animated series; 2011-2019)

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Logo of the show.

Status: Partially Lost

The Amazing World of Gumball is a British-American animated sitcom created by Ben Bocquelet for Cartoon Network.[1] The show is known for using various animation styles and techniques, oftentimes within the same scene.[2]

However, several scenes and bits have been deleted or edited from episodes, with these scenes becoming obscure over time.

Deleted Scenes

Season 1

The Date

Some of Partick's lines are said by Penny in the storyboards.

The Microwave

Richard was originally going to ask if Kenneth was the dog.

The Quest

In an early storyboard for this episode, Sussie was supposed to be tossing Anais' doll around with Tobias, but the storyboard artists replaced her with Carrie for unknown reasons. Jamie and Banana Joe were also present in early storyboards for this episode, but they were ultimately dropped from the final product.

Gumball's line "Darwin! I got it!' wasn't said in the storyboards.

Originally, Gumball was going to tell Darwin to talk to Tina, shocking the latter.

A close-up on Anais was going to happen when Anias asks her brothers where her doll was.

After losing the cute contest, Gumball says "Damn, you're cute."

The Responsible

Credits for this episode include "Song Lyrics" credited to Michael Gendi, suggesting that the episode originally featured a song.

The Third

There are two scrapped layouts and backgrounds.

The Wand

Originally, a pancake was going to fall on Richard's face during the rainy pancake scene. It was featured in a Cartoon Network Asia promo (with the CN logo plastered on each pancake), now deleted from YouTube.[3]

Screenshot from the now-deleted video.

Season 2

The Bumpkin

Gary was going to look at his run-over foot.


Originally, Darwin was going to be the one to blow their cover by asking for ectoplasm, rather than Gumball.

Richard was originally going to go trick-or-treating at their own house for candy in the beginning.

Gumball and Darwin would scare Miss Simian and Principal Brown.

Carrie was going to ask Darwin to never kiss her again.

The Job

Richard was in 3D for a few scenes. He was also going to whistle as he made his way to his final home.

One of the scenes.

The Knights

The episode was going to open with Gumball running across the house.

An inside view when Gumball burns the cookies was in the storyboards.

The Wattersons' introduction to the Fitzgeralds would have gone differently.

Storyboard test by Sebastian Hary.

The Remote

There was a close-up on the Wattersons before Gumball told the family that whoever gets the remote first gets to watch their show.

Richard was going to fall asleep while telling his family about him staying up all night only to be awoken by Gumball.

Lines when Nicole left and when the family was fighting wasn't heard in the episode.

The Watch

Richard was laughing while telling Gumball the watch's story.

Season 3

The Downer

The episode underwent a significant rewrite because the initial draft was considered too dark. Bocquelet refused to elaborate on how the first and final scripts differed, and, when asked for some storyboards, said that it was up to the storyboard artist to release that information. He would, however, later describe it as being "just lame."

The Extras

A scene that was animated never made it into the episode.

The Saint

When Carmen is flipping through the photos of Darwin disguised as Alan, the picture of Leslie between showing the pictures of Banana Joe and the toilet was cut, but not every frame was removed. This edit is visible in the U.S. broadcast as well as in the digital version of the episode.

Darwin kissing Leslie in a deleted scene.

Season 4

The Comic

Sarah's comic in "The Comic" was originally conceived as a parody of Rob Liefeld's style, but they liked the style the guest artist came up with better.[4]

The Fury

Yuki originally dropped Rocky's shopping cart in the storyboards, but he was replaced by Alison Sandra Gator.

The Hug

Oddly, Jackie could be seen at the cafeteria in the storyboard shots of Gumball hugging Hot Dog Guy. However, in the final version, she is replaced by the 8-Bit Dog.

The Return

Richard was going to say, "I don't think this guy speaks English, okay." After saying that, he draws pictures of his problem.

Richard was going to say "I'm gonna do it! I'm gonna do it!" and "I'm not gonna do it! I'm not gonna do it!"

The Signal

A glitch that was supposed to appear never happened.

Season 5

The Choices

In the storyboards, Nicole wants to cook the family the perfect meal and for them to eat it like civilized people. In the episode, Nicole wants her family to behave like a normal, civilized family at mealtimes.

In the storyboards: "Richard: Kids, please. It needs to be way louder to have any effect on her." In the episode "Richard: Kids, please. It needs to be way louder to have any effect."

The bold words were only present in the storyboards:

  • Richard: Also why won't you let me help you?
  • Nicole: You were supposed to salt the potatoes, boil the carrots and tenderize the meat. But this is what you do instead.
  • (later)
  • Gumball: At school they say in case of fire you should stop, drop and roll. (then) Gumball: I'll put it out!
  • (later)
  • Anais: Someone do something!

The Copycats

Be Your Own You had different visuals and lyrics. The scene after was very different from the episode, even including a reference to one of Bart Simpson's catchphrases.

The Bart Simpson reference.

The Matchmaker

The Without You song has different lyrics.

A spider crawling near the keyboards during the storyboards.

The spider scene.

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