Villainous (partially found Cartoon Network Mexico online animated short series; 2012-2013)

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Title card of the shorts.

Status: Partially Found

Villainous is a Cartoon Network original short series, created by Alan Ituriel. Having been primarily released for the Latin American crowd (with Spanish and Portuguese dubs readily available, as well as the original English voice surfacing) it has gained a lot of traction on the Internet by Latin American and North American fans alike.


Before being turned into its own series, the creator had released a total of seven pre-cursor animated shorts on his YouTube Channel[1] and his official website,[2] around 2012 to 2013(?). At the time of writing this, a playlist containing those videos exists, but all seven of them are private.[3]

However, thanks to an anonymous visitor from 4chan's /co/, three out of the seven shorts were able to be distributed, as the Wayback Machine had saved previous crawled versions of the creator's website, with downloadable videos attached to them.

A Christmas-themed short entitled "A Villainous Christmas" (or Navidad Malvada) is also available although on a separate channel.[4] The short used to be available on the official website,[5] however said short was not saved by the Wayback Machine unlike the first three.


Apart from a short called "I scream for Ice cream" that was advertised on the Facebook page for That Place to Hang Out,[6] the rest of the shorts are completely unknown, with no clue as to what they are or if they'll ever be made available to the public eye again.

It could be possible that one of the remaining unknown videos is an animated logo for That Place to Hang Out that featured Black Hat, as shared on Facebook but this is unconfirmed as there is no YouTube link that would allow the possibility to be verified.


All the currently available shorts subbed in English.

The Christmas-themed short.

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