Track Rats (partially found Cartoon Network reality short series; 2010)

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Track Rats logo.

Status: Partially Found

Track Rats is a 2010 live-action reality show produced by Crazy Leg Productions, and aired on Cartoon Network.[1] The show followed three young car racers and their journey to becoming part of the NASCAR circuit. Produced by Michael Lucker, the show aired on Cartoon Network in Summer of 2010. [2]


In Track Rats, three amateur racers from around the country (named Bayley Currey, Kenzie Ruston and Daniel Hemric)[3] come to compete in various contests. It is unknown which kind of contests these racers were to compete in. The winner would go on to become a part of NASCAR.


According to, the show had five episodes. According to forums around the time, most of the episodes aired in July of 2010. The show consistently aired every Wednesday night in July of 2010 at a 6:58 PM slot, with every episode being only 2 minutes long. Episodes of the show also appeared on Cartoon Network's website.

The only video proof that the show existed is one trailer released by Cartoon Network. It is not known what the contents of the show were, or what the reason was behind its cancelation. No other show materials besides a brief trailer have resurfaced online.

There were previously rumors that the show was intended for the CN Real block, or that it was left unaired, but these have been disproven.

List of Episodes

# Episode Title Air Date Status
1 Episode 1 Unknown Lost
2 Cutdown 002 July 9, 2010 Lost
3 Cutdown 003 July 16, 2010 Lost
4 Cutdown 004 July 23, 2010 Lost
5 Cutdown 005 July 30, 2010 Lost




Trailer for Track Rats.

A video made by LSuperSonicQ that discusses Track Rats. Segment starts at 18:13.

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