What's Wrong With Ruth? (found Cartoon Network animated pilot; 2007)

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Whats wrong with ruth.png

The pilot's title card.

Status: Found

Date found: 19 Jun 2022

Found by: silly

What's Wrong With Ruth? is an animated pilot made by William Reiss (who was also a writer for Chowder) that was pitched to Cartoon Network in 2007.[1] It is unknown why the network ended up rejecting the pilot.


The plot centers around Ruth, a goat who's seen as an outcast among the other goats. In the pilot she attempts to fly after seeing her friend, a bird named Cheryl, dodging various things thrown at her. Ruth jumps out of the window of her small castle to no avail, with her older brother Beep Boop getting annoyed at her antics, he suggest she should go fly a kite. Taking his advice, she and Cheryl make one out of lace underwear and roses, then stands at the top of her castle waiting for the wind to pick up. To the dismay of her mother they both fall from the castle only for the kite to act like a glider and her jumping onto various item thrown at her from the other goats from nearby. She takes off only for the kites string to break off shortly after and falling onto Cheryl's "spare" pair of lace underwear only for it to act as a trampoline and for Ruth to land on her brother's computer.


According to a 2009 forum thread the pilot was uploaded onto Reiss's website around 2007 shortly after being rejected from the network.[2] At some point, the webpage stopped working and the pilot was no longer available to watch with no reuploads of it resurfacing.

On June 19th, 2022 the pilot was uploaded to YouTube by user TheRetroVault's TV Archive stating that user silly found it on an irc chat while searching for tvrips for an archiving server.


What's Wrong With Ruth?.

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