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Status: Partially Found

Tickle-U was a short-lived preschool block that aired on Cartoon Network from 2005 to 2006, airing from 9AM to 11AM on Mondays through Fridays. The block was composed of seven cartoons from the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

The block had three cartoons that were redubbed for American audiences, and all those dubs are considered lost.

The series was hosted by two characters named Pipoca (voiced by Ariel Winter who would later voiced Princess Sofia from Disney Junior's Sofia the First) and Henderson (voiced by Tom Kenny, well known for voicing characters such as Heffer Wolfe from Rocko's Modern Life, Dog and Cliff from CatDog and the titular SpongeBob SquarePants).

Program Information

  • Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs (Canada; now owned by 9 Story Media Group)
  • Gordon the Garden Gnome (UK; produced by Collingwood O'Hare)
  • Little Robots (UK; produced by BBC)
  • Peppa Pig (UK; produced by Entertainment One; now owned by Hasbro)
  • Firehouse Tales (USA; produced by Warner Bros.)
  • Yoko Jakamoko Toto (UK; produced by Collingwood O'Hare)
  • Gerald McBoing-Boing (Canada; produced by Cookie Jar [now WildBrain], Teletoon, and Classic Media [now DreamWorks Classics])


  • Gordon, Peppa and Little Robots were redubbed for American audiences. Of these three cartoons, Peppa is the only one that is still airing on American television, albeit on Nick Jr. with the original UK dub. It should also be noted that the original Lionsgate DVDs of Peppa also use the UK dub.
    • An anonymous user contacted Cartoon Network via their Scratch video platform, but a company representative said that the channel no longer has any footage of these cartoons.
  • In 2006 and 2007, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment released two DVD's of Little Robots, titled Big Adventures and Reach for the Sky respectively. These DVD's have the American dub. However, the audio on the latter DVD is at a slightly lower pitch for some reason, and the DVD itself was released almost a year after the series stopped airing on Cartoon Network. YouTube user ahatbears has posted one episode of the US dubbed version of Little Robots on YouTube, that being "The Hiccalots," however, it's been blocked everywhere outside the United States by the BBC, prompting ahatbears to remove the theme song and the credits from the episode for the current upload. As of 2021, all of the American dubbed episodes featured on both DVDs have been posted onto YouTube by a user named Little Robots - Full Episodes & More.
  • Steve Patrick, the director of the Pipoca and Henderson segments, uploaded a sampler of his work onto YouTube.
  • Yoko had very little dialogue, and it was thus not redubbed for American audiences unlike Gordon, Peppa or Little Robots.
  • Warner Bros. Home Entertainment (the home video branch of Cartoon Network's parent company Warner Bros.), then known as Warner Home Video, released a five-episode DVD of Harry in 2006 when the series was still airing on CN. The Canadian dub of the first season can be streamed on Netflix and has aired on Qubo in the US and Playhouse Disney (now known as Disney Junior) in Southeast Asia. The second season of Harry only aired on Qubo.
  • Firehouse Tales is directly owned by Warner Bros., the parent company of Cartoon Network, making it the only original series for Tickle-U.
  • The later seasons of Peppa were never dubbed for American audiences, because Cartoon Network lost the license to the series.
  • Peppa and Gordon were dubbed in Miami, Florida at Chrom Dubbing Studios. Elaine Torres was the voice of Rosy in Gordon, while she voiced Suzy Sheep in Peppa. Chloe Dolandis was the voice of Emily Elephant and Richard Rabbit. However, it is now known who voiced Peppa and Gordon themselves. Sydney Patrick was the voice of Peppa while, Barry Tarallo (the American narrator for Peppa) was the voice of Gordon.
  • Gordon the Garden Gnome has been released on DVD and on Amazon Prime and TubiTV in the United States, however, they utilize the British version rather than the American version, which implies that it was released on DVD sometime after it stopped airing on Cartoon Network.


  • The original British airing of Little Robots had the theme song sung by a man. In the American broadcast, the singer was a group of children. In the intro, Scary also has a different, and higher, voice than he actually does in the US dub, where he's voiced by Mike Hailey, his UK voice actor.
  • The American dub of Little Robots is also said on Wikipedia to have aired on the Southeast Asian feed of Playhouse Disney (now known as Disney Junior) alongside Harry and his Bucket Full of Dinosaurs.
  • In the American dub of Peppa Pig, Peppa has a more mature voice, and Mummy Pig is called "Mommy Pig"(Due to Peppa Pig's British origins, "Mom" in the US is spelled "Mum" in the UK, and so on).
  • Each show in Tickle-U had its own 15-minute segment. Yoko was first at 9:00, Harry was next at 9:05, followed by Peppa, Firehouse, another airing of Yoko, Gerald, Little Robots, another airing of Peppa, and the final show in the block was Gordon at 10:35.
  • The American version of Gordon's theme song was somewhat deeper than the British version.
  • When a show is on, there is a sidebar that says "This is Tickle U on Cartoon Network! Thanks for watching." and the Cartoon Network or Tickle U Logo in a blue circle at the right.




The Shy Narwhal's video on the subject.


A promotional ad for the block's premiere.

A sampler of Pipoca and Henderson.

Promo for Yoko Jakamoko Toto.

Promo ad for Peppa Pig.

Partial recording of Yoko Jakamoko Toto.

Tickle U sign on.

A screenshot of an airing of Peppa Pig.

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