Cartoon Network Mayors' Awards of Excellence (partially found interstitials of Cartoon Network Philippines civic campaign; 2000s)

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Mayors Awards of Excellence screencap.png

Screencap from the promotional video for the inaugural awards ceremony.

Status: Partially Found

Cartoon Network Mayors' Awards of Excellence was a community-based civic project by Cartoon Network in collaboration with the Metro Manila Mayors League in the Philippines, first initiated in 2002.

The inaugural edition of the Awards were launched through a series of promotional campaigns where Atienza appeared alongside an animated Mayor of Townsville from The Powerpuff Girls (voiced by Tom Kenny of SpongeBob SquarePants fame) which was aired on Cartoon Network.


In 2002, then-Manila city mayor Lito Atienza was approached by public relations firm Perceptions, Inc. to launch a campaign targeted towards youths in the Philippines' capital region. Atienza himself was no stranger to being a television personality, having hosted and occasionally acted in the drama anthology series Maynila since 1999. The campaign takes inspiration from the animated series The Powerpuff Girls citing the titular characters' contributions to the city of Townsville and its mayor. Later editions of the Awards featured other characters from the network's original programming.

The awards were open to youths residing in Metro Manila aged ten to sixteen, where those deserving of merit and recognition were nominated by each of the city mayors within the Metro and awarded for their service to the community as well as their respective fields such as the arts, athletics and leadership.[1] Besides being recognised as an exemplary youth, the award winners were given the chance to appear alongside characters from Cartoon Network's roster at the time, who would mention them by name and congratulate them for their achievements.


Very little information on the promotion exist online especially as archives of Philippine popular culture of the 2000s and earlier are hard to come by; there was however a prominent mention in the lifestyle section of the Philippine Star detailing the campaign and the commercial.[2]

Unfortunately, most of the interstitial footage are still unaccounted for apart from a few unofficial uploads on YouTube. In 2009, YouTube user jolli54bee–presumably from the family of some of the awards' recipients–uploaded footage of both a later edition of the awards ceremony featuring characters from Kids Next Door and Dexter's Laboratory, as well as an acceptance speech from one of the recipients split in two separate uploads.


Mayors' Awards of Excellence with then-Manila mayor Lito Atienza, uploaded by riktik93

Kevin Yambao - Cartoon Network Award of Excellence in Leadership, uploaded by jolli54bee

Liezl Yambao - Cartoon Network Award of Excellence for Leadership uploaded by jolli54bee

Liezl Yambao - Cartoon Network Award of Excellence Part 2 uploaded by jolli54bee

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