The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack (partially lost unaired "Wedgies" pilot and short of Cartoon Network animated series; 2007)

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Flapjack title card.jpeg

The series's title card.

Status: Partially Found (Unaired Pilot) Found (Captain and ToeNeil)

Date found: 26 Jan 2018 (Captain and ToeNeil)

Found by: jkree55 (Captain and ToeNeil)

The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack is a Cartoon Network animated series created by Thurop Van Orman that ran from 2008-2010. The series is about a young boy named Flapjack and a captain named Cap'n K'nuckles (pronounced as Ka-Nuckles) who both live inside of a talking blue whale named Bubbie near a set of docks called Stormalong Harbor where various wacky situations ensue.

Unaired Pilot

Status: Partially Found

A pilot for the series was produced and set to air on May 7th, 2007 on Wedgies, a block that ran from 2007-2008 on the channel that showcased several shorts of various series to help sell to the network. The block aired a few Flapjack shorts that would get it picked up as a full series, two of them originally being the pilot alongside another short titled "Captain and ToeNeil," but for unknown reasons, neither of them ended up being aired. The pilot is about Flapjack trying to beat 8 Armed Willy at arm wrestling. The event was later mentioned in the episode "Panfake."[1]

For a while, the only proof of the pilot's existence came from a clip that was featured in a Cartoon Network interview with series creator Thurop Van Orman until a promo for the series that contained more footage of the pilot was uploaded to YouTube.[2]

Captain and ToeNeil

Status: Found

While the pilot has never been broadcast anywhere, "Captain and ToeNeil" did air a few times in Europe, and was on YouTube for a short time before being taken down. The short's about Flapjack collecting Cap'n K'nuckles' toenail clippings to finish putting together a ship model. When K'nuckles runs out, Flapjack tricks him to drink whales' milk to help him grow them back from the calcium. He then reveals he needs one to finish the full-scale model version, making the pirates and ship come to life only for them to be chased off by a giant pair of clippers.

On January 26th, 2018 YouTuber jkree55 uploaded the short to their channel, they stated that they recorded a TV broadcast of the short off of a video camera while on a trip in Europe years prior, albeit with poor audio.


Early Concept Art


An ad containing some clips of the unaired pilot.

"Captain and ToeNeil" short (poor audio).


Stay Up Late Production's video on the subject.

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