Bobb'e Says (partially found Cartoon Network live-action clip series; 2009)

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Bobbe Says.jpg

Promotional picture for the series.

Status: Partially Found

Bobb'e Says was a live-action clip series hosted by Bobb'e J. Thompson that aired on Cartoon Network from August 19th, 2009 and ended September 23rd, 2009.[1] It was part of the infamous CN Real block and is one of Cartoon Network's shortest lived live-action series along with BrainRush, both only running for six episodes.


The series featured Bobb'e exploring the streets of California and giving advice to local residents through the means of commentating over sports clips and internet videos.[2] It gathered negative reviews and low viewership levels, which lead to the show's eventual cancellation.


During CN Real's life, the show was available on iTunes and other streaming platforms.[3] With the demise of CN Real, all episodes were nowhere to be found. It was eventually removed off of iTunes. The only available footage of the show is from commercials and clips from Thompson's official YouTube account. Out of the six episodes, only one has been found.

On December 22nd, 2017, Lost Media Wiki user Johnny 2x4 and his friend, CNFan123 found one screenshot for each episode, except for episode 3. The screenshots have the Cartoon Network screen bug in the bottom right corner, implying that copies of these episodes still exist.

On December 27th, 2018, YouTube user donnaken15 made a channel to upload the episode "Tony Hawk's Warehouse" in its entirety. The episode was found on a 2½ hour disc that was recorded days after the series first aired.

Soon, donnaken15, or Wesley's, upload and the five minute clip were blocked from YouTube. However, Wesley had also uploaded his two hour disc on uncut, though with some rewinds on a specific scene that he found funny.

Episode List

# Episode Title Status
1 Tony Hawk's Warehouse Found
2 Theme Park Lost
3 Hollywood Lost
4 Skate Park Lost
5 Santa Monica Pier Lost
6 Third Street Promenade Lost



Clip of the episode "Tony Hawk's Warehouse."

Another clip from the same episode.

Promos/Bumper/Next On

A Promo With Bobb'e Says Dude Uploaded By Bobb'e J. Thompson."

Another Promo Of Bobb'e Says.

A Bumper Of Bobb'e Says.

A Compilation Of Next On Bumpers Which Includes A Bobb'e Says Bumper (0:00-0:05).


A Trailer Of Bobb'e Says Uploaded By The Editor


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