Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (lost production material of cancelled film adaptation of annual event; 2011)

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A screenshot of a storyboard, featuring the Snoopy (1988-1995) balloon.

Status: Lost

The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is an annual event held by the department store Macy's every Thanksgiving. The parade started back in 1924 as a Christmas Parade before becoming the parade we know today. But unknown to most people, a movie adaptation was considered at one point.


In 2011, producers Scott Glassgold and Raymond Brothers of the company IAM Entertainment closed a deal for rights to develop a film centring on the department store’s annual parade.[1] According to Glassgold, they were aiming to make a four-quadrant, family-friendly film somewhere in that Night At The Museum and Elf sweet spot. Macy's approved of the project, however, the other companies did not say anything about their characters being in the movie.


No footage of the movie survives, and only a single storyboard, showing the 1988 Snoopy balloon exists. The film hasn't seen an update since 2011, so it's safe to say the movie was cancelled.

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