Tickle-U (partially found Cartoon Network preschool block; 2005-2006)

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Status: Partially Found

Tickle-U was a short-lived preschool block that aired on Cartoon Network from 2005 to 2006. The block was composed of seven cartoons from the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Three of the British cartoons that aired on the block were redubbed for American audiences, and all those dubs are considered lost.

The series was hosted by two characters named Pipoca (voiced by Ariel Winter) and Henderson (voiced by Tom Kenny).

Program information

  • Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs (Canada; now owned by 9 Story Entertainment)
  • Gordon the Garden Gnome (UK; produced by Collingwood O'Hare)
  • Little Robots (UK; produced by BBC)
  • Peppa Pig (UK; produced by Nick Jr. and Entertainment One)
  • Firehouse Tales (USA; produced by Warner Bros.)
  • Yoko Jakamoko Toto (UK; produced by Collingwood O'Hare)
  • Gerald McBoing-Boing (Canada; produced by Cookie Jar [now DHX Media], Teletoon, and Classic Media [now DreamWorks Classics])


  • The interstitials with Pipoca and Henderson are not readily available online.
  • Gordon, Peppa and Little Robots were redubbed for American audiences. Of these three cartoons, Peppa is the only one that is still airing on American television, albeit on Nick Jr. with the original British dub. CN presumably has the American dubs of the three British cartoons in its vault somewhere.
  • Steve Patrick, the director of the Pipoca and Henderson segments, uploaded a sampler of his work onto YouTube.
  • Yoko had very little dialogue, and it was not redubbed for American audiences.
  • Harry is available on DVD through Warner Home Video, and can be streamed on Netflix.
  • Firehouse Tales is directly owned by Warner Bros., the parent company of Cartoon Network.

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A promotional ad for the block's premiere.
A sampler of Pipoca and Henderson.
Promo for "Yoko Jakamoko Toto".
Promo ad for "Peppa Pig".