Calimero (partially found English dub of Italian animated series; 1970-1972)

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The titular character.

Status: Partially Found

Calimero (カリメロ Karimero?) is a cartoon about a little black chicken with a half-eggshell hat.

Calimero has had multiple adaptations in Italy, France, and Japan, but none of these were ever licensed to be aired in the US. English dubs do exist however, and some are known to have aired in the UK (primarily Scotland) and Australia, as well as in Portugal with English subtitles[1]. Some of the Italian shorts from 1970-72 received English dubs, though these are hard to find online.


A compilation of 13 shorts in English ripped from a laserdisc has been uploaded to YouTube (later mirrored to after a copyright claim),[2] and a Vimeo channel simply called 'Calimero' that uploaded 12 shorts in English, French, and Italian[3] (though one of the "English" shorts ("Christmas's Letter") is actually a re-upload of the French dub, and the uploader did not respond when contacted about the real English version, so it's still lost). In addition, some of the Croatian, Dutch, and Macedonian dubs of some missing English shorts have been uploaded to YouTube. The Macedonian dub is a voice-over, and the English track can be partially heard under it. Two shorts in Turkish have also been found, and file transfers have been uploaded to three other shorts without the original sound. Another English dubbed short, "Calimero and a Wonderful Summer", has also been found and transferred from a film reel. So far, there are 37 total 5-minute shorts found out of the 78 shorts known to exist.[4]

There were also at least two rare releases in the UK of these shorts on VHS, Betamax, and Laserdisc.[5] One was simply titled "Calimero", and the other was "Calimero and the Wonderful Summer".[6] They each contain 13 shorts, including some not currently available in English as well as some that are not currently available at all. There are also some shorts that were released on 8mm and Super 8 film reels which can be bought. However, some of these reels are silent.


The English dub of "My Birth".

The English dub of "Calimero and the Weasel".

The English dub of "Calimero and the Falcon".

The English dub of "Calimero and the Wolf".

The English dub of "Flying Over the City".

The English dub of "Robbery in D Minor".

The English dub of "Calimero's Christmas".

The English dub of "Level Crossing".

The English dub of "Father's Day".

The English dub of "Passion for Horses".

The English dub of "A Good Act".

The English dub of "Calimero and a Wonderful Summer".

The Macedonian voice-over dub over an English track of "Calimero and the Mathematics".

The Macedonian voice-over dub over an English track of "Defender of Nature".

The Macedonian voice-over dub over an English track of "Calimero and the Smuggling Fisher".

The Macedonian voice-over dub over an English track of "Among Sounds and Electrons".

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