Dr. Tran (lost unreleased episodes of animated web short series; 2009-2010)

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Still from an unreleased episode called "Q".

Status: Lost

Dr. Tran is a web series that is full of absurdist humor. Episodes were frequently released from 2003 to 2010. The show features a Vietnamese child being tormented by his supposed fame over his states, as well as the odd people he encounters.

Confirmed Unfinished Shorts

Lone Sausage, the company who created the series, has said back in 2010 that there have been at least ten unfinished episodes (mostly consisting solely of designs, backgrounds, and scripts of each episode), and that their funding for creating more episodes has dried up. One of the episodes was entitled "Q", and was planned to be finished with the help of Mondo Media, who planned to have a fundraiser for the new short in 2011.

Six years had passed, and the blog updated in 2016 with Dr. Tran news, saying that the company had no plans on continuing Dr. Tran currently.

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