DuMont Evening News (lost DuMont Network broadcasted episodes; 1954-1955)

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DuMont Network logo.JPG

One of the surviving logos from the defunct TV network.

Status: Lost

The DuMont Network was a television network broadcasting its first show in 1946.[1] It is today known as one of the first TV Networks on the American landscape, rivaling early networks like NBC and CBS. Its programming consisted mainly of low-budget shows, some of which were performed by a single actor in front of a curtain performing live.[2] Despite its innovations in broadcasting as well as broadcasting technology[3], the network failed to sustain financial stability. It ceased activity on August 6, 1956.[4]

The DuMont Network made four[5] reaches into delivering news and the fourth and final time the network took a stab at the news was in September of 1954, with the DuMont Evening News. Being hosted by a man named Morgan Beatty (best known for being the first to report the Russians launching Sputnik 1 in 1957), this 15 Minute long news series was a typical news program. Interestingly, Beatty had been lured from NBC News to join DuMont. However, after the show was canned, Beatty returned to NBC.

The show was aired between 7:15-7:30 PM. Right before the ever popular Captain Video. The DuMont Evening News was one of many shows to be canceled due to financial troubles after its final episode on April 1st, 1955. None of the episodes of the DuMont Evening News are known to exist to this day.