Fire Emblem: Three Houses (partially found Cristina Vee voice recordings from English dub of Nintendo Switch tactical role-playing game; 2018-2019)

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FETH box artwork.png

Full box artwork of the game. Edelgard, who Cristina Vee originally auditioned for, can be seen to the right.

Status: Partially Found

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is the sixteenth mainline title released worldwide in the long-running Fire Emblem franchise on July 26, 2019, as well as the first home console title since Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn for the Wii in 2007. As usual for most games, it takes place in a new continuity separate from previous ones, now being set in the Continent of Fódlan.

The player controls Byleth, as they work as a teacher of one of the three classes, one of which being the Black Eagles, lead by Edelgard, who serves as one of the game's lord characters, alongside Dimitri of the Blue Lions and Claude of the Golden Deer. However, during the timeskip, she becomes the new emperor of Adrestia, and launches a full-scale war on the entire continent. Depending on what class was chosen, Byleth could either side with Edelgard or go up against her, becoming a major antagonist for the rest of the game.

E3 2018 Trailer

While the game was first announced on January 18, 2017,[1] it was not fully revealed until E3 in the following year, which showed prerelease footage of the game, and introduced new characters, notably the male version of Byleth and the aforementioned three lords. One line of dialogue said by Edelgard in the trailer, "The crests are to blame", became a popular meme online, which lead to parodies being made out of it.

Cristina Vee

Around the time of the game's initial reveal, Cristina Vee confirmed that she was casted to be the voice of Edelgard, and is looking forward to the game's launch.[2] As seen in the English version of the trailer, Edelgard's voice sounded a lot more different than the final, appearing to sound younger and a bit-higher pitched compared to the slightly mature-sounding one she has.

However, on June 6, 2019, almost a year after the trailer was released, when a user via a now-deleted reply asked her if she's still being casted as Edelgard, Vee later confirmed that she is no longer casted to voice the character.[3] As a result, she did not voice her in the final game, having been replaced by another actress, Tara Platt, instead, who would also voice the character for her appearance in the Fire Emblem Heroes mobile game just a week before her actual debut. Despite the recasting, Vee was never told or offered to do any reauditions.

While there has been speculation that she violated the NDA agreement, this wasn't the case, since following the release of Three Houses, she returned to voice a Dancer variant of Lachesis from Genealogy of the Holy War and Tatiana from Echoes: Shadows of Valentia in Heroes. The actual reason as to why she was replaced by Tara Platt for Edelgard in the released version of the game is currently unknown.


Since the recasting, the only recordings that are known to exist of Vee's performance as Edelgard can be heard in the first E3 trailer, leaving the rest to never see the light of day. However, due to the music playing in said trailer's background, it may be a little difficult to hear clearly for some people. Because of the scarcity of the performance, the amount of recordings she had auditioned for the character prior to recasting has yet to be accounted for. It is unknown if Nintendo, Intelligent Systems, or even Cup of Tea Productions, the recording studio heavily involved in the game's English dub, still own the other recordings, or if they have survived in any matter at all. A video that compares Edelgard's different voices can be watched below, using Vee's recordings from the E3 2018 trailer.


The first E3 trailer of the game that featured Cristina Vee as the voice of Edelgard.

Behelit- 89's comparison video for Edelgard's voices (Cristina Vee's recordings start at 1:09).

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