Frankie Pickle (lost fourth and fifth book of children's series; 2012-2013)

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The cover to the lost book, Frankie Pickle and the Land of Lost Recess

Status: Lost (Book 4)
Existence Unconfirmed (Book 5)

Frankie Pickle is a series of children's books created by Eric Wight. The series featured the titular character doing normal everyday things, but shown to the audience through his imagination. The first three books had underlying lessons that kids would understand. However, there was a fourth and possibly fifth book written, both of which are lost.

Land of the Lost Recess

The first book in the series came out in 2009, the second in 2010, and the third in 2011.[1] There was a fourth book planned, and there is much evidence to suggest this, such as official artwork for the cover, and the name "Frankie Pickle, and the Land of Lost Recess". This book was listed to have a release of December 2030, which is a common placeholder date until an official date is announced.[2] This book is not known to have a hardback publication, however, the website Goodreads states there was a Kindle version released on March 6th, 2012.[3] Despite this, the Amazon page for this book does not have a Kindle or hardback listing available for purchase.[4]

Invasion of the Polka Dots

A fifth book was announced with the title "Frankie Pickle and the Invasion of the Polka Dots". Unlike the fourth book, it has no official book cover or description, and was allegedly published on April 2nd, 2013, but it is unclear if this was meant to be a Kindle book or as a physical copy. It was then supposedly published on July 23rd, 2013 as an eBook, however, this may have been a planned date that fell through.[5]

Both books have ISBN numbers, but as they may have simply been registered in advance, it is unknown whether either was actually released. As of 2019, no physical copy of either book has turned up, and no eBook copies are currently for sale.