Karaoke Party (lost inaccessible Karaoke website; 2010s)

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The logo for Karaoke Party.

Status: Lost

Karaoke Party was an online karaoke website that allows users to record themselves singing songs that they can share with the general public. The website had a long and diverse selection of songs and was constantly updating its catalog with brand new songs. It also had a battle mode where users of the website could battle their friends or random people to a specific song choice and see who would have the best score. Sometime around 2015, the website became inaccessible in a large amount of countries, including the US, UK, France, Australia and many more.[1]

As of now, anytime someone goes to the website it self, the URL appears in the upper left corner but doesn't take you to the main site.

LMW user "Shackaduck" posted a page of the site via the Wayback Machine Archives, which included some of the creators of the site. An email was sent to all three creators but no response was given. After further research, one of the creators LinkedIn was able to come up.[2] According to the page, it states he was the co-founder of Karaoke Party from 2008 until 2016. This can mean one of two things. Either he no longer works on the website, or (the more likely of the two) the website shut down permanently in 2016.