Mindin' My Own Business (lost CBS sitcom pilot; 1996)

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Promotional photo of Dolly Parton.

Status: Lost

Mindin My Own Business was a 1996 pilot made for CBS with the intent to possibly become a series. Created and starring American singer Dolly Parton.[1] the show featured Parton as a Southerner who moved to Los Angeles and opened a catering company. Very little information about the show is available.[2]


The late 1980s and all throughout the 1990s saw Dolly Parton expand her ventures as she wrote children's books, opened a Hawaiian themed restaurant, opened a theme park, release her own clothing line and attempted to make her own TV show. The first attempt at a tv show was in 1994, with Heavens to Betsy, which was shot and then permanently shelved due to production issues. In 1996, Dolly Parton would attempt to make another TV show.


Mindin' My Own Business revolves around a Southerner (played by Dolly Parton) who moves to Los Angeles and opens a catering company.


As of the writing of this article, the pilot for Mindin' My Own Business has not surfaced. Little is known about the show, but Dolly Parton does acknowledge it on her official website. Despite never airing, it is speculated that CBS still may have the pilot for Mindin' My Own Business in their archives.

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