Mysticons (lost original version of animated series; 2013-2015)

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Original mysticons logo.png

Original series logo.

Status: Lost

Mysticons is a Canadian-American animated series produced by Nelvana, The Topps Company, Tornate and Playmates Toys that launched in August 2017 on Nickelodeon, Nicktoons, YTV and Teletoon.[1]


Mysticons was originally announced in 2013 and has gone through significant changes throughout development.[2] Initially, the series was aimed at boys and due out in 2015, but in that year it was announced the show shifted focus to girls and was scheduled for a 2017 release.[3] This occurred due to Nickelodeon and Nelvana wanting to target the girls market.[1][4]

While still aimed at boys, an animated trailer was shown off during the 2013 MIPTV presentation in Cannes, France.[2] At the MIPCOM 2014 conference, the series was demonstrated with a dramatically different art style.[5] Another trailer was demonstrated during Corus Entertainment's (the owner of Nelvana) 2014 Investor's Day presentation.[6] Audio from that trailer made it onto YouTube but was later removed by Nelvana.[7] The theme song from that promo, performed by Sugar High Bunny Punch, was uploaded onto the band's Soundcloud account.[8]

12 episodes were scripted and given the existence of multiple trailers, demo animation was likely produced.[9]


The final incarnation of the show details the adventures of four girls given the power to transform into warriors to retrieve an ancient book before it falls into the hands of an evil queen.[10]

Nelvana described the initial version as:[2]

"The original series is centered around four regular kids in the quiet suburb of Castletown who are called into action to double as a legendary line of heroes, known as Mysticons. After discovering a powerful mystical tome, the four friends transform into oath-bonded warriors who leave their regular life of homework, sports, and video games to battle fire-breathing dragons, evil knights and barbaric orcs, led by a trio of evil warlords set on destroying all of mankind."




Audio from Corus Entertainment's 2014 Investor Day trailer.