Neopets Movie (partially found production material for unproduced CGI animated film; 2006)

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The logo used for Neopets.

Status: Partially Found

The Neopets Movie was a planned CGI movie about the popular Neopets franchise. In a 2006 article from Variety, the movie was going to be produced by Warner Bros. who had hired John A. Davis as the director, Rob Leiber as the screenwriter, Dylan Sellers as the producer. The mini-game page for Jelly Blobs of Doom, it had mentioned that the movie was going to be out by winter of 2006, but by 2012 the page was changed to state "Movie coming by Winter 20XX". No further mentions of a Neopets movie have been made.

Concept Sketches

On October 20th, 2021, Chris Suavé posted on his Instagram a variety of sketches relating to the film, with the following caption:

Remember Neopets? They were super popular at one time, years ago. I think maybe they’re still around. These are design drawings I did for a Neopets feature film. They wanted something that was appealing and animation-friendly, so here are some of the sketches I did. They liked them a lot. For reasons beyond our control, unfortunately, the film never got made. Such is life in animation, I had fun doing the drawings though. I have a bunch of others I’ll post later. By the looks of it, the film had some sort of swashbuckling or pirate theme to it.

It leads me to a thought, maybe you can see it as another"

Perhaps the most notable thing about the sketches is the fact that none of them seem to match any existing Neopets designs but were designed this way to be "animation-friendly".

Given the fact that many of these sketches appear to depict swashbuckling pirates, the movie likely had some relation to Krawk Island, the pirate-themed area of the site.

On October 23rd, 2021, further sketches were shared also on Chris Suavé's Instagram.

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