New Baby Mozart (found Korean adaption of Baby Einstein inspired video; 2001-2007)

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The DVD.

Status: Found

Date found: 11 Apr 2024

Found by: Mr. Waluigi and GeorgeBonouki

Baby Einstein is a line of products, ranging in various forms, including videos, CDs, books, flashcards, toys, and other gear for infants and toddlers. The videos are known for showing babies and toddlers patterns, puppet shows, and familiar objects, incorporated with reorchestrated classical music written by composers such as Johann Sebastian Bach, Ludwig Van Beethoven and others. The series was created by Julie Aigner-Clark.

Due to the rise in popularity surrounding Baby Einstein, several ripoffs were made based on the series, including a Korean adaption of Baby Mozart would be produced, called: New Baby Mozart. This version of Baby Mozart (technically not based on the same name.) would be released on VHS, DVD & CD, along with another one from the same company (BMKOREA) called Baby Genius, a Korean adaptation of Language Nursery. These were created after the company originally released illegally made copies of Baby Einstein and Baby Mozart, with heavy edits done to them. In 2000, Julie Aigner Clark (the founder of Baby Einstein) sued and forced the videos off of the market. Most of the content is new, however, the music in this film is slightly different than the original Baby Mozart from 1998, but still used the same pieces from the original film too.


Very little footage and photos of the Korean adaption was available in the beginning, first uploaded to & was first uploaded to YouTube by a user by the name of GeorgeBonouki in late 2019, and then again reuploaded on April 20, 2020.[1]

Only two of the video links are available on the website while the other ones are dead, unfortunately.

On September 22, 2023, a 3-minute trailer was found from a Korean Little Laurate DVD and posted onto YouTube by user GeorgeBonouki.

On April 11, 2024, GeorgeBonouki managed to find a copy of the VHS and transferred it onto YouTube, finally ending the mystery of its existence.


The available footage from the BM Korea website.

The available footage of the trailer.

The full found rip.


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