SimCity 4 (lost alpha and beta builds of simulation game; 2002)

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Simcity 4.jpg

The game's box art.

Status: Lost

SimCity 4 is a 2003 city building simulator PC game developed by Maxis and published by Electronic Arts. During the development of the game, Maxis released multiple preview screenshots of the game. Some of them are accurate to the final game while others feature graphics not present in the final game.[1] None of the beta or alpha versions have been released or leaked. They can roughly be categorized into what appear to be early versions of the game.[2][3] As of now, only screenshots of different versions of the game and 3D renders of buildings are available to view below.


Early Development Versions

These screenshots show drastically different graphics from the final game.

Late Development Versions

Since these were created closer to the game's release, there are less differences.[4]

3D Renders

These images were likely created in a 3D modelling software and not using the in-game renderer.

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