Soccer Mom Detective (lost short film; 2005)

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SMD Poster.jpg

Poster for the lost short.

Status: Lost

In 2005, filmmaker Tim Hodge (best known for his voice work as Khalil on VeggieTales) submitted his short, Soccer Mom Detective, in to the Nashville 48-hour film festival (a festival where you make a short film in under 48 hours). This was Tim Hodge's first out of two short films, the second being Time & Chance. The short went on to win 1st Runner Up Detective/Cop Genre.


Not much is known about the plot, but all that's known is that it centers around a mother named Anita Forcucci. She decides to go on a private investigation to find a kidnapped cat, "but the deeper she digs, the deeper it gets".


Charlene Ibrahim - Anita Forcucci

Tom Bancroft - Customer

Robert O. Corley - Barber #1

Andy Youssi - Barber #2


Not much information is known about this short, as information is scarce, and no videos of it were ever released. The director, Tim Hodge, has not stated anything about this short on his social media, leaving the whereabouts of this short unknown.