Stickin' Around (partially found pre-series shorts of Nelvana animated series; 1994)

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The English title card.

Status: Partially Found

Stickin' Around is an animated series created by Brianne Leary and Robin Steele and produced by Nelvana chronicling the adventures of Stacy and Bradley and the many wacky fantasies they create.[1][2] After it was pitched as The Sticklers to CBS, it was given the green-lit and development began. And thus, prior to the series airing in 1996 on YTV, the series premiered on CBS as a series of 1-minute shorts in-between their Saturday morning programming in 1994.[3]

List of Surfaced Shorts

Although many the shorts themselves are still lost, there are 26 shorts produced (as confirmed by Brianne Leary in the Mr. TV podcast.), with the shorts later being expanded as full 11-minute episodes for the final series when it was picked up by YTV in 1996. Out of the 26 shorts that were produced in behalf of CBS, only the following manage to resurface on the internet:

  • Night of the Living Dumpster
  • Disappearing Act (in potato quality)
  • Beware of the Lunchwad/Gross Anatomy (originally part of a single short before being separated as episodes for the final series.)
  • Yams Away! (in French, partial)
  • Didn't'chat, Mr. D?
  • The Amazing Rubber Guy (The only short to be released on home video. It can be found on the "A Very Hip Presentation" VHS.)
  • If It Ain't Fixed, Break It (in French, partial)
  • This is a Hiccup! (in French)
  • Casa Blank Stare (in French)
  • Buttnochio
  • Disciplinary Action
  • Environmentally Frenzied
  • Photo Oops
  • Temper. Temper
  • Hold It! (Partial.)

Full Shorts

Night of the Living Dumpster

Disappearing Act

Night of the Living Lunchwad and Gross Anatomy

Didn't'cha, Mr. D.?

Photo Oops

The Amazing Rubber Guy

Environmentally Frenzied

Temper, Temper

This is a Hiccup! (in French)

Casa Blank Stare (in French)

Disciplinary Action


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