Seven Little Monsters (partially lost episodes of animated series; 2000-2004)

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Still from the series.

Status: Partially Lost

Seven Little Monsters is a popular educational children's animated series created by Maurice Sendak. The show features seven anthropomorphic monsters and their day-to-day life as they learn lessons while exploring the world around them.[1]


The missing Seasons 1 and 2 episodes have surfaced on a private forum, although they have yet to make their way out publicly. A few missing episodes from Season 3 haven't resurfaced anywhere online. The only known footage of the missing episodes from seasons 2-3 are available from Nelvana outreach footage.[2]

YouTube user Misoke[3] has uploaded several episodes from the show's three seasons, sourced from various home media releases. A couple of these episodes are available to view below.

All of Season 2 and 3 have been uploaded on the Treehouse Direct YouTube channel.


Episode: Out of Sight (uploaded by Misoke)


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