Swedish Blueballs (lost comedy short film; 2008)

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Status: Lost

Swedish Blueballs is a 10 minute long comedy short film shot on location in Stockholm, Sweden. The short was written and directed by Joe Swanberg and Kent Osborne while working under Spout production company. The duo are better known for various feature length films such as Hannah Takes the Stairs and Uncle Kent.

Other than the names of who wrote and directed it, information on this film is hard to come by. As a result of this, the film has fallen into obscurity over time, and mostly assumptions have to be made about its contents. The only known summary of the short comes from its IMDb page for the film: "An obnoxious American tourist gets more than he bargained for when he meets a Swedish girl on the street in Stockholm."[1]

Alongside the oddly vague plot summary, the page also provides a short list of actors and their roles, including Kent Osborne as "American Tourist", Joanna Benecke as "Angry Swedish girlfriend/Anna", and Julia Sandburg as "Swedish Sexpot".[2]

According to the few sources available, Swedish Blueballs was supposedly released on March 7th, 2008. It is believed to have been released in both Swedish and English, and to have only been shown at a few film festivals. To this day, the film has had no releases on any home video format and isn't available to view in any form.


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