The Rapsittie Street Kids in A Bunny's Tale (lost production material of cancelled Easter CGI-animated television film; 2003)

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Advertisement for the film at the end of Believe in Santa.

Status: Lost

The Rapsittie Street Kids in A Bunny's Tale is an unproduced CGI Easter special meant to serve as a follow-up to J Rose Productions' 2002 Christmas special Rapsittie Street Kids: Believe in Santa. Announced at the end of Believe in Santa, this proposed film was believed to have been aired on American television on at least two occasions in 2003, until sources involved in its production denied that it ever made it past a draft.

Suspected Broadcast and Status

A Bunny's Tale was advertised as part of the schedule of two different television stations in April 2003: NBC affiliate WNYT in Albany, New York (also available out-of-market in Rutland, Vermont), and UPN affiliate K15CZ (now KSPR) in Springfield, Missouri, on April 13th and 20th respectively. This led researchers to believe that the special was indeed finished and sporadically aired on minor stations at the time, contributing to its obscurity and subsequent rarity - much like Believe in Santa.

However, upon contact with personnel suggested to be involved in the film's production, it was revealed that the project never became anything tangible, with the only material conceived being a first draft by Wolf Tracer Studios producer JR Horsting and editor Dave Edison - the studio ceased operations before any work on designs or recordings was done.[1]


Not much is known about the contents of this lone draft. Newspaper listings described the basic premise as "Something missing from Zeke's life prevents him from capturing the Easter Spirit," and the credits to Believe in Santa suggest it would have featured Lenee's little sister as one of the characters.




Interview where Walter Emanuel Jones, claiming to know nothing about any sequel which implies that as far as the project went.

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